Old & New

Goats in IndiaIndia is a visual contrast between old and new, tech and no-tech, and the traditions of the past confronting the present.  As I navigate a maze of farmer’s fields, IT buildings, and gangs of tech professionals, I am temporarily distracted to make way for a heard of goats.

A father and son lead the noisy animals to a small shelter next to a tent that will be their home for the winter months.  Rural and urban – modern and ancient – meet in this field in a way that is typically India.  I am offered a chai that was brewed on the camp fire earlier that morning.  As I sip the tea and take photos, the son is very proud to take on responsibility for the heard.  Meanwhile, his father is content to pose for the moment.

My Hindi, and his English were enough this morning to understand the contrast, and to share more than a tea.  It was a morning that again taught me about where this country was and where it is going.

About Carmen Mckell

I am an Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of BaseMetrics. I specialize in Analytics based Program Evaluation. I have 20+ years of experience helping Businesses and Non-Profits use Data to Plan, Execute & Evaluate Business Strategy. I live and work in Ottawa ON & Houston TX. I also travel to clients in Canada, US, Mexico, and India. Drop me a line. My life is about making connections.
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